Since he fully re-announced himself in the UK Grime scene last year, North London’s Chipmunk has been at the centre of controversy every few months, culminating in a very public falling out with Yungen and Tinie Tempah and begging the question ‘Is Chip a troublemaker?” Or is he an easy platform to get some press? You decide.

Still only in his twenties, Chipmunk has been a staple in Grime and UK urban music for a while now, but recently Chip has become more a nucleus for beef than the successful artist who broke through the invisible ceiling, stepping into the US pool of artistry.

Chip Vs Tinie

First off the bat, we must go back to 2014 so we know just what Tinie did that got Chip’s goat.

(Ok you’re caught up, let’s go)

Ever since his very public slating of Tinie Tempah on Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth just over a year ago, it has been a relentless back and forth between Chip and…well.. everybody and anybody. After hard bars… at about the 4:00 mark, Chip stops for a second to address Tinie personally and publicly, after alluding to it early on in his freestyle.

Making the point that Tinie was trying to bait Chip with talk of hiring managers who can’t manage themselves as well as taking a broad swipe at pretty much everybody…

“moment of silence for every rapper out of a deal” – Tinie Tempah

Chip made a good and fair point, when did this become about record deals? BBK don’t need a deal, neither did Chip. This was construed as somewhat bitter from Chip tho. I disagree, i think it was valid and necessary. I also love how uncomfortable Chip makes Charlie.

Chip also deciphers a bar from Tinie regarding ‘Pizza Boys’ , the name of the Chip and Meek Mill song. This may well be a mis-reading from Chip but it’s a bit convenient. Who is to say tho? Chip somewhat lead himself down a bad path as he boasted about G.C.S.E’s, we can all agree on that but his talk of Tinie at 10 Downing street is very welcome and very on point. Whether you agree or not, it’s a valid argument.

Is he bating or is he really making a point that most others were scared to make?

This ‘beef’ had been bubbling over for a while, i personally know from an Interview i held with Chip prior to this Fire In The Booth explosion for the awesome RWD Magazine where Chip touched on his distain for Tinie. (Read Full Here)

Ben: We’ve had to wait a while for the stars to rise up through grime, so you’ll get Chip and you’ll get Tinie Tempah coming through and then a lull before the next star…

Chip: Absolutely! But as you say that PLEASE understand that I’m not like Tinie Tempah. Please don’t compare me to Tinie Tempah. I’m an ACTUAL MC.

This quote was actually held back from the original article but was then included after some consideration and deliberation, HERE.

Despite many attempts from Chip to pull Tinie out into the light to really address this issue, Tinie only really responded once, with ‘PEAK’. A song controversial in itself as it featured Bugzy Malone (no surprises) but also Stormzy who had no idea that Tinie’s intention was to fan the flames of war.

Tinie also took to the spoken word to touch on the matter on 1Xtra. Even speaking on Bugzy but mainly Chip, mainly claiming that Chip did this all for publicity. Did he? Was it to promote Believe & Achieve? Or was it a valid point to make?

Chip announced that he thought Tinie was a ‘Coward’ after seemingly avoiding the issue and taking to 1Xtra live in Leeds to speak on their conflict.

This is still unresolved but will certainly roll on for a while and after Chip mocked Tinie’s mum… it’s gonna have a resolution.

Chip Vs Big Narstie 

The shortest lived of the Chip beefs saw him square up with Brixton’s own Big Narstie. This is prior to his Craig David hook-up, but still Narstie was Narstie. When he speaks… listen. Narst took to the same platform as Chip did for his Tinie chat as he stepped into Charlie’s Fire In The Booth to address some of Chip’s claims.

Narst appreciates Chip’s bars but he did not agree on the Tinie crud, comparing Chip’s rant to that of Ed Miliband. Which is just so peak. Big Narst however takes real exception to Chip’s claims that he is ‘saving the Grime scene‘ As a veteran in the game. He had his own perceptions.

Narstie is easy one of the realest about…Easily! and his rhetoric of real life being when you get kicked out of school at 13 is arguably the realest sentiment of the past 10 years (but that’s a different issue).

Chip responded to Narst, as well as Bugzy Malone, Tinie, Saskilla and DJ Cameo (we’ll get to the others, not all, just the ones that matter) with ‘Pepper Riddim’.

Featuring some very bookey cameo’s from Jammer, promoting LOTM (you know how i feel) and others, Chip goes for the superficial with Narst, the obvious stuff; he’s fat (he knows). Still enough to draw a response from the big man.

Narst responds in a manner that only Narstie can, killing him with comedy.

There wasn’t really a resolution to this one with Narstie winning the public relations, even, in fact kind of being the only one who wins in any of these ‘beefs’ but that’s because he’s Narstie. You can’t really expect to shoot at Narst and expect it not to get very blurred and messy.

Narstie ‘sells the beef’ to his BDL fans. Then he does this!

Narstie kind of won this one.

Chip Vs Bugzy Malone

Bugzy also stepped into Charlie’s booth to take aim at Chip, sighting the G.C.S.E issue and the attempt to manoeuvre away from a flailing pop career and back into the Grime scene.

Refer back to Chip’s ‘Pepper Riddim‘ for his first side of this but Manny’s Bugzy really had a craw in his teeth towards Chip during his resurgence.

This really came to a head as Bugzy headed down to Chip’s hometown of Tottenham to shoot the video for ‘Relegation Zone’ featuring the man Big Narstie. Giving it a bit of a ganging up vibe if you ask me. Bugzy also refers to a chat with Jammer about the whole how-do (Jammer causes trouble everywhere)

Chip went straight back at the many, many people who were using his name in vein. Mainly ‘tho Bugzy with ‘The End’ it wasn’t, it really wasn’t.

Bugzy fired back with the melodious ‘The Revival’ before being subject to a relentless assault from Chip that saw him drop a hat-trick of tracks for Bugzy. Chip wanted this ended quickly and cleanly and he kind of succeeded.

Chip’s hat-trick was hard and relentless.

Just after this dropped, Bugzy took to Twitter and compared the FIVE months it took for Chip to respond to that of Meek Mill.

Chip didn’t like it. He really didn’t.

A month after Chip’s triple drop and Bugzy came back with #Wasteman calling Chip’s hat-trick a ‘wasted attempt’

Chip obviously fired back (this beef was loooooong) with ‘Dickhead’ a track that took hours, literally hours to surface. Putting to bed the Meek Mill comparison from so long ago. *exhausting*

Bugz then challenged Chip to the one-on-one clash with ‘Zombie Riddim’

Chip then took it away from the visual as he dropped ‘Duppy Riddim’ over Roll Deep’s ‘When I’m ‘Ere’ (or Danny Weed’s Shank Riddem). Chip addressed snitching accusations from Bugzy.. vaguely.

Chip then carried on the relentless as he didn’t even wait for Bugzy’s response before dropping ‘#Alone’

This was really the nail in the coffin. Chip won, i won’t really hear otherwise to be honest. This was his warm-up for the most recent beef…

Chip Vs Yungen

Now this one is really interesting as it started with Yungen’s take on the overly popular ‘One Take Freestyle’ which he shot on his 24th birthday. With subliminals for Chip that led to a lot of raised eyebrows. This was then followed up by Yungen’s ‘Comfy’ where he was more direct and drew out the beef lord.

In response Chip dropped his ‘One Take Freestyle’ (so did everybody) and within took direct aim at Play Dirty’s Yungen and it all snowballed from there and led to easily the most entertaining beef in recent history.

This track in itself is the best evidence that Chip is a troublemaker. He goes for Yungen, just goes for him.

Yungen doesn’t entertain. he just responds. Like straight away, STRIAGHT AWAY with ‘Punk (Chipmunk Diss)

Using audio from Chip’s rant at Tinie (what goes around init?) Yungen shows that Meek doesn’t know who Chip is. On top of this, Tinie cameo’d, his first acknowledgement of the simmering beef in ages!  This drop had us all salivating. It was a different level, we couldn’t wait to see where it went. IT WENT PLACES!

Chip gave us what he wanted as he waited no more than a day to respond with the cleverly titled ‘Michelle Riddim (Lil Clive Diss) where he gave Yungen a taste of his own medicine, sampling a very flattering interview from a younger Yungen really praising Chip. This was when Chip did a very, very controversial impression of Tinie’s Mum… this split the audience as some thought it was out of order, others..hilarious. I thought it was hilarious.

Yungen didn’t let the dust settle before responding to Chip, even sampling Chip’s ‘Oppsy Daisy’ on the intro… Chip didn’t let that fly and Link Up had to re-upload with a new name (somebody tell Link Up they’re not a person) but Yungen proper had this lain out well and shelled. We were worried that Chip may have met his match here.

Off the back of this Chip took to Twitter to tell us all not to sleep because the reply was imminent…IMMINENT! It wasn’t.

As always, Chip can’t run out of bars ‘tho and he had a special little message for Link Up Tv, who have found themselves in the middle of all of this as they seemingly picked their side, publishing Yungen’s ‘Oopsy Daisy‘ without Chip’s permission. despite missing the promised time TWICE!

Chip may have started this but he certainly ended it.

So with just over 12 months of fairy relentless beef, Chip is still standing but… the question remains: Is Chip a troublemaker? Or are people just using him as a tool to boost a career? There are a few artists who tried to send for Chip that i didn’t give the light to because they were just clutching *cough* Lowkey *cough*.

Chip is obviously a fan of the friction but more importantly he isn’t one to let anything slide. Mutter his name and it seems he will appear like the Candyman. With the exception of Narst, where he may have lost, and Tinie because it’s far from done. Is he two up? Is he that good at this? Does he make it happen or is it a bit of Wiley circa 2003 when everybody and their nan just wanted to talk crud? I mean, we’ve got nine months left of 2016. How many more artists will fall into the Chip beef trap? I’m gonna say…. 8?