Fuelled by the good people at Red Bull Studios, Deus & Mero give us ‘Bodega Boys‘, a hilarious look at just…life. Twitter outrage, meme nonsense, music releases, celebrity gossip and just basically the goings on of inner-city life, Desus & Mero shine a perfect light over everything.

Desus & Mero are easily, easily, two of the internets funniest people. Starting off as YouTubers with their early joint effort Desus Vs Mero, the two Bronx funny men were scooped up by Charlamagne Da God who threw the two onto our TV screens as they became staples on ‘Uncommon Sense‘.

(Watch ‘Desus Vs Mero’ below)

If you haven’t already gotten hooked on these two, catch up on all 16 episodes of ‘Bodega Boys’ now.