As grime grows in power both here and overseas, we have seen a massive influx in ‘beef’ over the last couple of years. With 2016 looking like being the most beef fuelled of them all, we look at the news of Jammer’s LOTM return with it’s eighth embodiment and whether or not it’s worth our time or if it’s going to be a forced attempt to fabricate friction.

Just three months into 2016 and we’ve already had the huge Chip Vs Yungen beef that spawned a 48 hours of crud throwing from North to South London with Tinie Tempah getting a mention and a cameo in betwixt. This was one of the most ferocious beefs in the scene, not necessarily for the content (which was hard btw) but more for the pace of it.

There was hours between diss tracks and we saw the whole thing play out on Twitter right in-front of our eyes. There’s no guarantee that this is over yet but both sides have gone fairly quiet, with the last party to pipe in being Link Up TV who were brought to the forefront of the beef by Chip as he questioned their use of his ‘Oopsy Daisy‘ in Yungen’s diss of the same name.

It seems unlikely that Chip and Yungen will hash this out in the basement and it’s just straight up impossible that Tinie is going to leave the runway to head down the stairs in Jammer’s yard. So we look on to who there is that can truly help re-ignite the floundering LOTM move.

Other artists that have been drawn into public altercations of the mic recently include; Big Narstie, Bugzy Malone and Stormzy (yes two of those three were Chip related) and perhaps Bugzy will delve into the basement but Big Narstie is en route to stardom after a long wait thanks to his Craig David hook up, whilst Stormzy… well Stormzy isn’t entertaining this. He’s very busy.

This isn’t me saying that there is only a handful of artists worth giving the mic to, it’s really not. I know there is real talent out there but artists synonymous with the crud throwing have kind of done their LOTM time. Kozzie is one of the most relentless artists in LOTM history, burying everybody he passes. P-Money is another who bodied and doesn’t need to body again. No BBK members are gonna play, Kano isn’t, Wiley isn’t, neither Footsie, D Double or anybody who was there during the truly wondrous times of early to mid millennium LOTM moments.

LOTM is a staple absolutely but is it now more than verses? It’s clothes now, it’s a Boiler Room associate, it’s not where we go for our controversy anymore. Did anybody watch the last one? Does anybody remember what happened? To my memory this is the only thing that happened that i remember or care about.. Jaykae.. oh Jaykae

Let’s not forget that we’ve already seen professional footballers Yannick Bolasie clash Bradley Wright-Phillips in the dungeon. That was fun, we all thought it was fun but it was cheap. Proper cheap. These man are ballers not spitters.

As Jammer prepares us for LOTM VIII, is there still that underground burn to truly ignite a new career or capture new fans and introduce them to the early stages of Grime? Who do you think should clash?