The always controversial and outspoken Pete Rosenberg speaks to the ‘Boy In Da Corner’ Dizzee Rascal about the origins of the Grime scene and the connection to American Hip-Hop.

Many have been somewhat incensed by the claim that the UK Grime scene is a sub-genre of hip-hop, with a lions share of Grime advocates tracing the roots back no further than UK Garage and Drum & Bass. Pete Rosenberg of course has his own opinion that Grime is as it’s core inspired by what we consider to be ‘hip-hop‘.

A topic of discussion that has always split opinion has in recent times drawn the likes of DJ Snips and Wiley to discuss the matter publicly on the old Social Media, with pretty interesting and to some, pretty conclusive results.

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When the godfather of the scene bowing to the implication that without Hip Hop there isn’t Grime, this conversation will certainly draw a lot more focus and a lot more debate.

Watch below to see how Pete and Dizzee discuss the origins, the connection and the current meteoric success of the Grime scene with Skepta, Stormzy and Krept & Konan. 

To this day Dizzee still holds the greatest body of work in the history of Grime with ‘Boy In Da Corner’ and with that, his opinion certainly holds weight and definitely is worth it’s weight.