Dappy was trending on Twitter earlier today because of his use of the N-word on social media. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on whether it is acceptable for him to use the term when considering his skin colour.

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Former N-Dubz singer Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, is Caucasian, as I am sure you are aware, those in support of Dappy were sticking up for him by saying if you accept the use of the N-word from a black man, you should accept a white man using the term if it isn’t used to offend.

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Those opposing to Dappy using the word, such as media mogul – Jamal Edwards, radio host – A Dot and Actor – Arnold Oceng (just to name a few)… had an issue with him using the word, but would they have reacting in such a way if a young black guy used the term? Most likely not…

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Dappy later issued an apology after he used the N-word on social media…


If we as society accept the N-word as a term used for another brother/friend, shouldn’t the urban world be able to use it regardless of ethnicity?

We would love to know of your thoughts on this one…