When it is approaching your 16th Birthday – it is on everyone’s list to apply for a provisional licence.

You can apply for the provisional driving licence up to 3 months before your 16th birthday.

You can start driving a car when you are 17 (once you pass your theory and practical driving test.)

At 16, you can begin to ride a moped – maximum 50cc (once you have completed your CBT – Compulsory Basic Training)

The provisional is also good to have in general as it is an acceptable form of ID, and quite easy to replace. Better to walk around with your licence rather than your passport.

Before you apply for your provisional, check you have a valid UK passport – if it is less than 5 years old you won’t have to send in any photos of yourself – they will use the same photos as the ones on your passport – you’d just have to submit your passport number.

You can apply for a provisional licence in person in the post office, but we suggest you apply for it online it is cheaper – (Thank us later!) Here’s the link to apply:

The cost:

Apply online and your provisional licence will cost £34.

A postal application for the driving licence will be £43.