Rumours that Apple are going to release an iPhone 7 early next year have been circulating around social media. Also there are rumours there may be a iPhone6C before the 7. We can’t be 100% sure as Apple have not released any official statements, so ┬áit is a waiting game on our behalf, however supposed “leaked” photos have emerged over the internet.

Reports say ‘the designs for the iPhone7 is simple, the glass curves from the iPhone 6 or the plastic small design from the Iphone5C.’ Other reports have said ‘Apple may be designing something new and have something surprising in the works.’

Smartphone experts say ‘Apple have been looking to release a smaller phone instead of the usual big iPhones for those who wish to have smaller phone.’ This is where the rumours of iPhone6C have come from.

We at iAM wonder if there will be a new iPhone6 version before the 7. All we know we will be in store for a excellent phone design and better quality with Apple as they always do.