Urban comedian R.S has released his second episode to his comedy-doc #Hooddocumentary, which follows him as he torments people on a day-to-day.

Roll Safe definitely has people laughing while watching him, his trade mark is his Africa chain and leather uncle jacket – not forgetting his lisp that has him saying “Lithen” which translates as “Listen”.

R.S. also appeared in Fire in the Booth on BBC1 XTRA with Charlie Sloth, again appearing to torment Charlie Sloth. His whole persona is funny, making people wonder does he put it on or is it all natural to him!

Alter-ego of Kayode Ewumi, if he’s acting! Then where’s The Oscars at? – He could be bigger than man like  Ali G!

#HoodDocumentary has got to be the funniest thing since BBC Three’s: Little Miss Jocelyn

Nah, but you have to watch it though – ‘All about the impulse‘ –