The Gunners pulled some tricks out of their sleeve and thrashed Dinamo 3 goals to 0 in an unstoppable performance!

Arsenal have regained their Champions League hopes by beating Dinamo. The Gunners have gone through the group stages in 16 seasons, that’s 16 years, a long time to keep in the world’s best League! I mean, that’s an achievement in itself.

Dinamo Zagreb lacked confidence and played pretty timidly, almost like they knew they were going to lose before going on the pitch. Dinamo’s defence was weak, allowing Arsenal to score beautifully!

Arsenal’s back line didn’t really have to put in a lot of effort as they sat back and helped out the attack when needed. The attack by Arsenal was very flamboyant, as always. With Ozil being at the heart of all of Arsenal’s play, he set up the scores for Sanchez double sealing their win.

All the Gunners need to do now is beat Olympiakos by 2-0 or any win scoring three goals. Only time will tell. Come on Gunners!!!

Check out the highlights here: